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Klinikinterne Forschungskonferenz /
Journal Club: freitags nach der Frühkonferenz
25 / 2024 18. Juni
Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley
stellv. Direktor der Klinik
„Freitod und assistierter Suizid – Teil I“
21. Juni
externer Referent
Prof. Vogt
(Department of Molecular and Translational Neurosciences, Zentrum für Anatomie, UKK)
The role of synaptic lipid signaling for cortical information processing.
26 / 2024 25. Juni
Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley
stellv. Direktor der Klinik
„Freitod und assistierter Suizid – Teil II“
28. Juni
Journal Club - ADHD
Pia Schulz
Brikell et al., "ADHD medication discontinuation and persistence across the lifespan: a retrospective observational study using population-based databases" Lancet Psychiatry
27 / 2024   05. Juli
Journal Club - ADHD
Leonard Könn
Cortese et al., 2018: "Comparative efficacy and tolerability of medications for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, adolescents, and adults: a systematic review and network meta-analysis" Lancet Psychiatry
28 / 2024   12. Juli
Journal Club - ADHD
Saskia Rodenberger
Levine et al., 2023: "Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and the Risk of Dementia" JAMA Network Open
29 / 2024   19. Juli
Journal Club - Open-door
Sophie Stürmer
Indregard et al., 2024 "Open-door policy versus treatment-as-usual in urban psychiatric inpatient wards: a pragmatic, randomised controlled, non-inferiority trial in Norway" Lancet Psychiatry
30 / 2024   26. Juli
Prof. Bender & Team
Home BASE – AufsucHende, bedarfsOrientierte, MultiprofessionellE BehAndlung Schwerer psychischer Erkrankungen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen
31 / 2024   02. August
Journal Club - Altersdepression
Marlene Happe
Ishtiak-Ahmed et al., 2023: "Real-World Evidence on Clinical Outcomes of Commonly Used Antidepressants in Older Adults Initiating Antidepressants for Depression: A Nationwide Cohort Study in Denmark" American Journal of Psychiatry
32 / 2024   09. August
Journal Club - Altersdepression
Marius Kuschefski
Elser et al., 2023: "Association of Early-, Middle-, and Late-Life Depression With Incident Dementia in a Danish Cohort" JAMA Neurology
34 / 2024   16. August
Journal Club - Altersdepression
Marlene Gersie
Solomonov et al., 2023: "Course of Subtypes of Late-Life Depression Identified by Bipartite Network Analysis During Psychosocial Interventions" JAMA Psychiatry
35 / 2024   23. August
Prof. Baethge
Ergebnisse aktueller Meta-Analysen zur antidepressiven Pharmakotherapie
36 / 2024   30. August
37 /2024   06. September
Journal Club - Altersdepression
Sabrina Küttner
Ainsworth et al., 2024: "Cognitive Outcomes After Antidepressant Pharmacotherapy for Late-Life Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" American Journal of Psychiatry
38 / 2024   13. September
Journal Club - Klimawandel und Mentale Gesundheit
Maria Marloth
Qiu et al., 2023: "Association of Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution With Late-Life Depression in Older Adults in the US" JAMA Network Open
39 / 2024   20. September
Journal Club - Klimawandel und Mentale Gesundheit
Achim Lülling
Schumann et al., 2023: "Effects of urban living environments on mental health in adults" Nature Medicine
40 / 2024   27. September
Journal Club - Klimawandel und Mentale Gesundheit
Aliza Bredl
Zhu et al., 2023: "Association of Ambient Temperature With the Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Among Partnered Women in Low- and Middle-Income South Asian Countries" JAMA Psychiatry
41 / 2024   04. Oktober
Journal Club - Klimawandel und Mentale Gesundheit
Michelle Gerads
Park et al., 2024: "Heat and hospital admission via the emergency department for people with intellectual disability, autism, and mental disorders in South Korea: a nationwide, time-stratified, case-crossover study" Lancet Psychiatry
42 / 2024   11. Oktober
Beatrice Ivens
Deng et al., 2023: "Clinical Outcomes of Magnetic Seizure Therapy vs Electroconvulsive Therapy for Major Depressive Episode A Randomized Clinical Trial" JAMA Psychiatry
43 / 2024   18. Oktober
Anna Schönberger
Borrione et al., 2024: "Home-Use Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for the Treatment of a Major Depressive Episode A Randomized Clinical Trial" JAMA Psychiatry
44 / 2024   25. Oktober
Rios et al., 2022: "Optimal deep brain stimulation sites and networks for stimulation of the fornix in Alzheimer's disease" Nat Comm
45 / 2024   01. November
46 / 2024   08. November
Lifestyle Psychiatry
Frith et al., 2020: "A meta-review of "lifestyle psychiatry": the role of exercise, smoking, diet and sleep in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders" World Psychiatry
47 / 2024   15. November
Lifestyle Psychiatry
Walburg et al., 2023: "Effectiveness of a Lifestyle Intervention for People With a Severe Mental Illness in Dutch Outpatient Mental Health Care A Randomized Clinical Trial" JAMA Psychiatry
48 / 2024   22. November
Lifestyle Psychiatry
Patricia Smolnik
Daumit et al., 2023: "Effect of a Tobacco Cessation Intervention Incorporating Weight Management for Adults With Serious Mental Illness A Randomized Clinical Trial" JAMA Psychiatry
49 / 2024   29. November
Lifestyle Psychiatry
Katharina Bolte
Chen et al., 2023: "The associations of dietary patterns with depressive and anxiety symptoms: a prospective study" BMC Medicine
50 / 2024   06. Dezember
Lifestyle Psychiatry
Nila Nikro
Hi et al., 2023: "Composite healthy lifestyle, socioeconomic deprivation, and mental well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic: a prospective analysis" Molecular Psychiatry
51 / 2024   13. Dezember
Larina Karner
Waite et al., 2023: "A targeted psychological treatment for sleep problems in young people at ultra-high risk of psychosis in England (SleepWell): a parallel group, single-blind, randomised controlled feasibility trial" Lancet Psychiatry
52 / 2024   20. Dezember
Isabel Zander
Furukawa et al., 2024: "Components and Delivery Formats of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Insomnia in Adults A Systematic Review and Component Network Meta-Analysis" JAMA Psychiatry

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Dr. Frederik Sand, E-Mail

Terminkoordination klinikinterne Forschungskonferenz:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley, E-Mail

Terminkoordination Journal Club / Fallkonferenz:
Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Joseph Kambeitz, E-Mail

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