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The main focus of our research is the identification of the molecular genetic mechanisms which underlie cognitive disorders including neurodegenerative dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease. To this end, we combine state-of-the-art technologies to discover common and rare genetic variants contributing to both familial and sporadic forms of these disorders. The results of our research are likely to contribute towards the elucidation of the complex genetic architecture of these diseases and the development of novel prevention, diagnostic, therapeutic strategies.

Prof. Dr. Dr.--Ramírez-Alfredo
Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfredo Ramírez

Leiter der Sektion Molecular Neuropsychiatry

General information to cognitive phenotypes

Cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD) dementia, are becoming a major public health problem due to rapidly growing prevalence. The etiology of AD is multifactorial which means that susceptibility to the disease results from a complex interaction of genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors. Genetic factors in AD account for up to 80% of the attributable risk (heritability). This strong genetic contribution probably means that genetic determinants are involved in most of the pathophysiological pathways in AD. Thus, the more complete our knowledge on the genetic of AD, the deeper will be our understanding on the fundamental processes occurring in AD. Identification of genetic risk factors for AD began in the early ‘90s with the identification of the apolipoprotein E gene (APOE) as the strongest genetic susceptibility factor for AD. During the last decade, our knowledge of genetic risk factors for AD has been greatly propelled by the development of high throughput genomics, and genome wide association studies (GWAS). These major advancements have allowed, to date, the discovery of more than 20 risk loci for AD besides APOE. However, even though our knowledge of the genetics of AD has progressed markedly over the last few years, it is still far from complete and deciphering the so-called “missing heritability” is one of the main challenges in AD.

Aims of our research

To identify the genetic and epigenetic underpinnings of cognitive disorders, the laboratory of Molecular Neuropsychiatry uses state-of-the-art high-throughput genome technologies in human DNA and RNA samples which are obtained from our own biobank at the Department of Psychiatry or from our several national and international collaborative projects. Thus our research group has access to biomaterials of a sample comprising more than 7000 AD patients, 6000 control samples, and about 9000 mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients. In addition, in the framework of an international European initiative called EADB, we have access to DNA samples from one of the worldwide largest collections of AD, controls and MCI cases. The genetic and epigenetic data available in these samples allow us to investigate influences of genetic and epigenetic factors in both a genome-wide- and hypothesis-based manner. To this end, score based approaches are applied to the simultaneous consideration of multiple chromosomal loci. We also perform bioinformatics analyses to investigate biological pathways involved in these diseases. Using part of this sample, our group identified a novel genome-wide significant AD susceptibility locus which contains the thyroid receptor interacting protein gene 4 (TRIP4). Our results implicate the thyroid hormone axis among the pathways involved in the susceptibility to AD.

In more recent times, our laboratory initiated a line of research focused on the investigation of genetics in AD progression and cognitive decline at prodromal stages of the disease, such as MCI. Patients with MCI are at increased risk of developing AD dementia. However, the MCI group is heterogeneous, and wide variation in the annual progression rate to AD dementia has been reported, with estimates ranging from 4 to 31%. Thus predicting which MCI cases will actually progress to AD dementia is an important challenge. Given the strong heritability in AD, it is expected that genetic risk factors for AD may also modulate pathophysiological pathways involved in progression of MCI to AD dementia. However, our initial investigations of MCI samples clearly showed that the majority of known genetic risk variants for AD do not predict MCI to dementia progression. Thus, our findings on disease progression in MCI clearly show that most of the genetics modulating progression to AD dementia is still waiting for being discovered.


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Our Team

PD. Dr. Dr. Alfredo Ramirez, MD, PhD. (Head of Division)
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Dr. Pamela Martino Adami, PhD. (Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow)
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Dr. Rafael Campos Martin, PhD. (Postdoctoral Fellow)
MSc. Kayenat Parveen (PhD candidate)
MSc. Victor Andrade Fuentes (PhD candidate)
Mrs. Esther Milz (Research Assistant)
Mrs. Michael Thoenes (Research Assistant)